my name is Clara and this is the space where I collect and show what I like to do.

I’ve studied Urban Planning at Politecnico di Milano.

After working for a while for an architecture company, I’ve decided to move forward and study a Master in Digital Architecture at IN/ARCH in Rome that gave me all the necessary tools in order to get an excellent architectural project representation (3d modeling, 3d visualization and Video).

In the same year I’ve also started getting closer to digital fabrication and I’ve attended some workshops in Rome (Solido 3D) and Barcelona (RepRap).

I had then the great opportunity to collaborate with Fab Lab Sevilla for a few months.

In 2013 I moved to Barcelona where I gave 3d modeling and 3d visualization lessons (Sketchup, 3ds Max and Vray).

Now, I have been living in Madrid since 2014 and I keep on teaching.

I am currently dealing with 3D modeling and visualization, 3D printing, digital fabrication, web design, graphic illustration and video editing.

You can find my projects in this website.

I hope you enjoy it!

Clara Massetti